Shipping information:

This is a one person operation, because of this I am limited in how much I can ship out at a time. This is due to work time restrictions, family restrictions or just time. 

Orders are processed ONCE A MONTH, toward the end of the month.

If you order on that shipping it does not guarantee your order being shipped out that day.

I use USPS, which does come with a tracking number, however if you do not leave an email you will not be notified of your packages departure. 


Lost Items:

If your package is marked as delivered and it is not there or you package has not shown up in about a week PLEASE CONTACT YOUR POST OFFICE BEFORE CONTACTING ME. Post offices are notorious for losing mail, or simply marking mail as delivered without delivering it because of this you will need to ask them directly about your package.

After contacting them please wait a week before following up with me, I ask you do this because for some reason when you call the post office magically finds your order. Trust me, this method it works more than it should.

Once I mail out your order I have no way of controlling whether or not it gets to you or when it gets to you. Sadly I have no way of helping you after it is shipped.

You've waited the allotted time, you contacted the post office and you still have no items? Please contact me. I'm usually able to resend the items you paid for. I will ask that you reconfirm the address prior to shipping. 



I am able to give partial refunds but that is a case by case basis such as: items are lost and are no longer available, the item you ordered was miscounted and is no longer in stock, or you just want to cancel the order that has not been fulfilled yet (this would be a full refund)

Why a partial refund? Shipping and handling!

When you pay for your item you pay a shipping fee, a portion of the item price is the handling fee that I use to pay for shipping and shipping supplies. Once you item is sent out that money is used and cannot be refunded!

Incorrect items:

This is a rare occurrence but it does happen, sometime I get orders switched and place the wrong postage on the package! If this happens let me know as soon as you get your order, keep the pins you received and I will send out another order! 


When you order a PRE-ORDER item with other items they do not ship until the PRE-ORDER item can be shipped.

That's it. There are limited exceptions to this and if you need to discuss this please contact me. 

When you order in a group you are paying for a one time shipping fee, that one time is used if I send out the order without the pre-order and then I wouldn't have the money for the your pre-order to be sent out. 

Each pre-order has an estimated time that it will be in my hands to send out. Keep that in mind when you order. 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.