First DnD pins are coming in soon!

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Our first DnD pins will be coming out soon! The are currently available for pre-order but should be in by next week. Need some luck on your side get yourself a heavenly D20 or play with fire and get a hellish crit fail!

The D20s and crit fail will have a glitter option so if you want some extra flair don't worry about snagging one of those bad boys. 

These are a collaboration with the wonderful Irradiated lady and if you go to her site: she may have a discount code for ya so do please visit her page :)

Also, you will notice the ghoul slayer is coming home as well, there is a crazy amount of detail to it and we are really happy on how it came out! If you want to have a warning out to ghoulies that you are ready to kill don't forget to pick one up. 

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