A Lil Shop Update.

Store news

Just wanted say thank you guys so much for the support y'all have been showing! Y'all really loved the Desert Helmet it's almost sold out! I will for sure be making a normal NCR helmet with red lenses and a limited run of green! 

Also we hit 1000 followers on IG so we hope to have another giveaway soon! 


If you haven't noticed we are going through Printful and putting shirts in the shop. I am choosing designs here so you will see different shirts randomly pop up. I will probably try and work on more designs in the future just for shirts but for now it's just what ever I have on my computer.


We plan on restocking for Christmas, so hopefully some pins you've been looking to get will make another appearance. We plan on redesigning some old pins as well, so look out for those soon. 

Holiday Pin:

Someone suggested we do a fallout holiday pin. I'm not sure how to go about it yet but I think I have something in mind!


That should be everything. Thanks Y'all

Questions, suggestions and feedback: dollargamevinyls@gmail.com or DM us on IG


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